Pluralism and the Future of Cognitive Science

Target articles (abstracts)

The possibility of a pluralist cognitive science
Rick Dale, University of Memphis

On the nature of minds, or: Truth and consequences
Shimon Edelman, Cornell University

SAL: An explicitly pluralistic cognitive architecture
David J. Jilk, eCortex Inc.
Christian Lebiere, Carnegie Mellon University
Randall C. O’Reilly, University of Colorado Boulder
John R. Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University


Peirce’s abduction, and cognition as we know it
Guy C. Van Orden, University of Cincinnati

Pluralism, radical pluralism, and politics of the Big Bang
Eric Dietrich, Binghamton University

On a compatibility between emergentism and reductionism
Michael J. Spivey, University of California Merced
Sarah E. Anderson, Cornell University

Pluralism, relativism, and the proper use of theories
Arthur B. Markman, University of Texas, Austin

With responses by Dale, Edelman, and Jilk et al.