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Welcome to the website for the Communicative Mind Laboratory (Co-Mind) in the Department of Communication at UCLA. Co-Mind's research is on how human cognition and communication support each other. We study how individuals interact in small groups, such as in perspective-taking and conversation. We also study how these processes come together in larger groups, such as in social media. A general goal of our research is to uncover how cognition and communication work together in time, using techniques inspired by dynamical systems theory. The lab's research involves a diversity of methods, including corpus and large-scale data analysis, behavioral experimentation, and computational modeling. We are located in UCLA's Rolfe Hall (see adjacent picture). See some core readings here for example projects.

Seeking undergrad research assistants

Featured paper: Dynamics of massive social-media attention to 2012 presidential debates. Click here to read our 2015 paper, led by collaborator at the U. of Aarhus, Prof. Riccardo Fusaroli.

Featured paper: Using Google Glass to measure how behaviors dynamically change during interaction. Click here to read our 2017 paper, led by former lab member, now a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley, Dr. Alexandra Paxton. See our methods paper describing the technique.